Refresher Course

Refresh your diving skills…and be back to the underwater world!


Review your diving knowledge


Practice your skills in a safe setting


Swim around and explore the coral reefs!

  • Pool practice
  • Equipment, refreshments & 2 Dives
  • Ground transportation

From 9am until 5pm

FROM: 119.00USD


Has it been some time since you last went diving?

It does not matter which diving licence you hold as long as you are qualified to dive, we can refresh your diving skills.
The refresher is perfect for people who have not been diving for sometime and would like to refresh their skills before going on to the other full dive tours or live aboard trips.

We conduct the refreshers in the warm shallow waters of the Playa del Carmen reefs. This is a perfect location since the reef is among the most colorful and interesting diving sites in the world. You will be in the world’s second largest coral reef barrier, so you can be sure there will be lots to see while you refresh your skills other than the side of a pool.

Many of the best open sea diving sites along the Great Mayan Reef Barrier are located right off the shores of Playa del Carmen. Optimal water temperature, great visibility, and a flourishing underwater life makes for an excellent scuba diving destination all year around.


We’ll go through:
  • Putting your scuba equipment together
  • Water entry
  • Safety checks
  • Buddy system
  • Gauges – Air and depth
  • Underwater buoyancy
  • Dive planning
  • And anything else you would like to go over


Get ready to earn that confidence who is gonna make you feel 100% comfortable in diving. Dive with us in the warm & clear waters of the Playa del Carmen reefs


Best sea conditions to practice your skills

Experience the flourishing life of the second largest coral reef barrier


Practice in shallow water

Practice with experienced instructors in a safe yet interesting environment


Have fun!

Once the course is complete, you can enjoy the rest of the time is spent exploring the reef

PADI certification

Dive with us today

Spend a small portion of your holidays to get a lifetime experience

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