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Your first diving experience!


Learn about scuba equipment


Find out what it’s like to breathe underwater


Learn key diving skills for every dive


Swim around and explore!


Explore the amazing Caribbean Sea with its beautiful marine life!

If you want to find out what’s it like to scuba, you’re in the right place. This half-day introductory course is designed to let you try scuba diving in a safe and controlled environment. Starting with a lesson at the pool to learn basic skills & safety rules and following with reef dives.

During the DSD experience, you will learn how to use the scuba equipment in shallow water (down to 12 m / 40 ft) and get a quick and easy introduction to what it takes to explore the underwater world under the direct supervision of a PADI Professional. Includes: 1 pool & theory session, 2 ocean dives (boat dives), and the necessary equipment.


Tour duration:

From 10am until 5pm

Price: 119.00USD
What you’ll get:
  • Pool lesson
  • Two guided ocean dives in a controlled and safe environment.
  • Ground & boat transportation


It will take only half a day of your holidays to get a lifetime experience.


Learn about your gear

Go over the scuba equipment you use to dive and how easy it is to move around underwater with your gear.


Experience underwater breathing

Test the equipment and find out what it’s like to breathe underwater


Learn key diving skills

Learn the skills that you’ll be using during every scuba dive from this moment on.


Have fun!

Enjoy yourself swimming around in the reefs and exploring the marine life


Take a peek at other courses

Hear about becoming a certified diver through the PADI Open Water Diver course.

Dive with us today

Spend a small portion of your holidays to get a lifetime experience

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