Bull Shark Dive

Live this amazing encounter from November until February







Dive with one of the most impressive and beautiful species of the Caribbean Sea!


2 Dives

Equipment & Refreshments


FROM: 99.00USD

Trip description

We start from Playa del Carmen, to take divers who want to experience a very exciting dive. This encounter puts you face to face with these imposing animals and delivers a memorable adrenalin rush. Diving with them lets you meet up with wild sharks in their own turf and gives you a very close look at these imposing ocean inhabitants.

The seasonal encounter happens every year from November until February.

Just for certified divers.

The Bullshark encounter includes equipment, ground transportation, refreshments, and two dives.

No guarantee that we see the bull sharks in Playa del Carmen, but 99% of the time we do!


Professional PADI Guide

To safely guide you in your adventure

Private Transportation

we pick you up… right at your hotel!

Including refreshments


Daily services

  • Morning: 8:00 am until 12:00am
  • Afternoon: 12:00 am until 4pm
PADI certification

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